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Friday, October 13, 2006

To Be A Successful Blogger

I Want to Subscribe Journey to Blogging, Now

What I think of a Successful Blogger

Good Content
Content have to be interesting and relevant to your audience, in order for your blog to work. It is not difficult to write, provided you are on a lookout for new thing to write. It could be your personal experience, news, product updates, interviews, personal insights into topics of importance to your target audience.

Frequent Updating
Often updating of your blog will lead to increase of visit to your blog. But friendly speaking, I sometime find that I do not have time to post new item. No post mean no coming back audiende.Like reading newspaper, daily people are looking for news to read. Post often and your audience will keep coming back. And regularly adding fresh content to your blog also gives you a boost in the search engine rankings.

Your own Expression
It's important that you write things that express your own expression. A blog is no place for formality and corporate speak. It's more of a forum... a place where ideas can flourish, and topics of current interest can be debated. You don't even need to be a brilliant writer... you just need to be able to relate to your audience and give them good content.

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