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Friday, September 29, 2006

How to Post your content with Blogger

I Want to Subscribe Journey to Blogging, Now

If you have taken the first step, next is how you post your content

Hi, by now you should have an account with blogger, Congratulations! for taking the first step in creating your first blog and blog title. Next is how you post your contents. When you log-in to your blogger account, there are two method of log-in, either thru, or open you own blog, eg coolspouse, if you open with it is quite straight forward. If you open your own blog, you will have to click on the top right toolbar "GET YOUR OWN BLOG" follow by log-in. After you have log-in, it will bring you the the Dashboard, that you can edit or input your profile and manage your account. Those blogs that you have created will be listed. Click on the blog title that you want to input the contents. In the new window, you will see there are 4 tags, namely, Posting, Settings, Template and View Blog.

In this step, you are learning to input, contents, therefore, you have to click on Posting tag. In the posting tag, there are menu that are for you to create, edit posts, moderate comments and status. Go to Create, you will see the title, for you to input you post title and below it, you can see the window like you word processor. The you type in your post or contents.

Finish and either Publish Post or Save as Draft. That simple.....

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