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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Getting Noticed by Google and Yahoo Search Engines

I Want to Subscribe Journey to Blogging, Now

Google and Yahoo Search Engines

You could pay a fortune for the boys who claim to 'get you on google in days' or 'raise your ranking in Yahoo' and all that stuff. The long and short of it is it costs you, hard moolah.However, if you take advantage of the Google and Yahoo 'personalise your space' features, just add your url or blog feed in the 'add content' sections. Guess whose pages they index first when they send out those busy little spiders? Why, their very own, of course! It won't guarantee a million visitors but it will mean your pages are there for the viewing.Just make sure the meta tag and seo information is up to date and it should do you some favours.

How to do it?

When you go to the Google homepage you will see a link in the top right corner called Personalised Home. Click on that and it goes to a page with an invitation to Personalise your homepage. Don't have a Google Account? You'll be invited to create one. (You use you gmail settings to sign in if you have that service) When it's done, go to the personal page and you will be invited to 'add content' Put your personal web addresses here and your blogs and your rss feeds if you have them. With Yahoo, it's similar. When you go to their homepage you'll see a 'My Yahoo' link. Put some basics on the page to get it going and then use the add content as above.

And the results?

Well, check this out! The title of one of my recent posts at Writing Up was Get noticed Quicker by Google and Yahoo.If you type that, or most of it into a Google search box, guess what comes out NUMERO UNO? This may be the first time I've ever hit a number one place on Google for anything! Oh, the dizzy heights - I'm coming over all unneccessary... My article on social tagging came up more modestly at Number 31 but that's not to be sneezed at, and my other blogs from Audley Music and Blogger come out high when I type in the names of the bands I look after. That's what I call a result.

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Hi! I've got a new blog that you can check out: http:// I've already linked you to it so please link me. Thanks and nice working with you !

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Merry Xmas....

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Merry Christmas to u also....

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