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Monday, July 02, 2007

Promoting Your Blog

I Want to Subscribe Journey to Blogging, Now

What I mean here by promoting your blog; it is how you can bring in more viewers to your blog. In another word, increase the traffic volume to your blog.

You may think that it is a hard task to increase the traffic of you blog. In actual fact, it is going to be very easy. Be it promoting or increasing the traffice of your blog is going to be all blogger ultimate goal

All you need to do to increase the traffic is only a few easy steps and it takes less time and effort to do it

Step 1 Posting Messages in Various Forums

Check out those forums topics that are related to your blog.Post messages to these forums everyday, or replying to froums threads, these will increase your blog traffic. When posting or replying, put your links pointing to your page. It can be a form of your signature.

Step 2 Write Article

Write Article related to your blog content. The traffice will come from resource box, that will appear at the end of your article. In the resource box, tell a bit about yourself and point them to your blog.

Step 3 Search Engine Optimization

This is a little bit hard. For seach engine to list your blog, use specific keywords. You need to know something about HTML, and add keywords to the blog titles. H1 tags and your blog content will help you to get more targeted visitors.

Step 4 How to increase your website traffice using blogging

You can blogged to increase the traffice of your website. This method is cost free and is one of the common method used.

If all these 4 steps are followed, your blog traffic will increase.

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Totally agree Leo... Keep it up!


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