'Take the First Step to Blogging' Expression is something that everybody loves. Sometimes thoughts may not be given a second thought, leave alone a second thought, they might not even be heard! Don't worry; now that you are in the right place, write/blog on whatever you want to, on any topic under the sky that are clean and honest.

Monday, September 25, 2006

First step to blogging

I Want to Subscribe Journey to Blogging, Now

A question often asked by beginers is how to get started blogging. Blogger, a program offered by Google, is available for free and is one of the easiest tools around for creating and maintaining a blog. You don't have to have your own server, and you don't have to set anything up other than an account. Wordpress is also another blogging program. WP is an Open Source Program. What takes work, however, is taking the time to write a blog entry every day, day in and day out. This can be easier than you would think because you don't necessarily have to write a complete article or story for every blog entry. In fact, a paragraph or two is all you really need. Have fun writing your blog! It takes time to build up a readership, and you will need to be patient for this to occur. But once you have regular readers, the experience can be extremely rewarding. My coolspouse is my most complete blog created using blogger. To begin blogging, go to blogger to create an account. Choose a meaningful blog title and the URL, and start to write something on the post. Since, this is your first post, you might want to think of a purpose of the blog. It can be a contribution on your experience in something that you have done, like me, my coolspouse, is a blog that I wanted to show my appreciation to my wife and for all in the world to show appreciation to their spouse. Ok, it is my sleeping time........ see you in my next post; step.

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